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What is PAT?

PAT Testing

PAT is an Electrical Safety Inspection required as part of the code of practice for “Inspection of in-service Equipment (ISBM:978-1-184919). As a result, all items with a plug-top should be subjected to periodic inspection.

Why Pat?

All portable/movable appliances are subject to wear and tear. Any misuse and overuse would pose a risk to the user.  As per the Safety, Health and Welfare (General application’s SI-299 of 2007, it is a requirement that all businesses carry out PAT testing on all portable appliances. This is to ensure the safety and welfare of both customers and employees.
Apart from the regulation, many Insurances and Standards authorities, are insisting on companies developing PAT testing within their organisation. This risk based mitigation approach reduces the risk of an electrical shock or a fire caused by a faulty appliance.

How to PAT?

Our team of specifically competent and trained experts inspect and certify all appliances to SI-299, 2007.  

The industry standard for frequency of inspection and testing of equipment is:

  • Shops, Restaurants, Gyms, Lettings etc are every 6/12/18 months depending on the specific use & frequency of use of the appliance
  • Construction sites 110V equipment are every 3 months. This would include extension leads, drills, chargers etc
  • Construction sites 220V stationary equipment are every 6 months. This would include Battery Chargers, extension leads and adapters etc
  • Offices and canteen equipment is every 12 months. This would include IT equipment, computers, laptop chargers, kettle, toaster, fridges etc

Cost of PAT?

The cost of each item is competitively priced at €10 (subject to there been a minimum of 10 items per visit). For this, the client will have all the desired appliances expertly tested and certified. They will receive an overall certificate of Electrical Testing Compliance.